Here is what some clients wrote in the Guest Log
400m of sailing from Antigua to Grenada. Every day has been unforgettable, memories to last a life time, meditate, set new priorities, joy of ocean cooking, pleasure of laughter.

For so many years I have dreamed of sailing with you!
I feel so lucky to have been
on this voyage from Hawaii, you have taught me a lot and have been an inspiration!

For the desert dwellers from Australia this time was a beautiful contrast. “The other Life” melted away in the extraordinary places and with your special care and attention. Your skills with the boat and the kitchen are matched by you companionship. It feels like we have lots in common. Whilst I know we must accept beginnings and endings. It’s a lovely thought that we may do something in the future. Best wishes and thanks especially with respect to your generosity.

Derek and Susanne
Mid Atlantic Full Moon, we are in the groove, stereo blasting tunes, great food, great stories, huge belly laughs, blasting along under sail, so this is what it is like to be free!

You provided a safe environment in which we where challenged on a physical, mental and culinary level. Thanks for your consummate skill as a sailor, teacher and patience.

Val and Dave
The Atlantic…a journey of great wealth. Words will not describe the experience pictures will only warm the pot. The time spent on the Ar Seiz Avel will be in my thoughts forever. The essence will be in my heart until the day I move on.
Fair Winds my friend.

A truly “Once in a Life time” experience with many firsts and a renewed sense of delightful balance.  You have surpassed any expectation with an unparalleled  backstage  tour of an awe-inspiring place and an addictive glimpse into offshore sailing.

This voyage has been a great experience for me I enjoyed the wonderful night watches, the silence, the darkness, the speed, the wind, swimming with dolphins, I loved the meals but most of all the crew. Thanks for teaching us.

Once again a memorable experience. So much packed into 3 weeks, beauty and ruggedness will stay forever in my mind. See you in the future for another leg. Thanks again.

This voyages was a rich experience, it fulfilled a long held dream of mine and satisfied a deep yearning.
It provided numerous opportunities for learning. You are a natural teacher who can make any routine talk into a lively lesson.

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