Boat, fuel, accommodations, safety gear, skipper,
3 meals a day, drinks, snack and "Offshore Sail Training"
Leg 3  Barbados to Curacao
May 15 - May 24 2019 .. 550 miles .. 10days .. $2.500 us

3 berths available $ 2.500 us each
An adventure of a "Lifetime"
Leg 3  Chart

Barbados, Tradewind sailing, Remote offshore Islands, Willemstad Curacao
After 3 or 4 days of sailing we hope to make landfall at Is Los Roques. This Venezuelan outpost is a very natural group of reefs,often not habited and offer the most fantastic unspoiled beach hiking areas you can imagine. Snorkeling on these reefs is simply superb!

After we have had our relax we will set sail out to sea again to catch a bit more of the trade winds. This is also a good opportunity to practice some “Celestial Navigation”.

Time permitting we are also planning make stops at Islas Los Aves which is also a beautiful reef area, Bonaire which is famous for its diving and “Klein” Curacao with its deserted lighthouse. The Beautiful Island of Curacao with its main harbour at Willemstad is our final destination. Here you can enjoy all the amenities one can expect from a popular tourist destination.
Expect lively conditions with the wind blowing quite strong at 10 to 30 knots with waves building plenty high.
Plenty sail changes will be expected and hopefully with some opportunities to fly the big spinnaker.
This voyage is what tradewind sailing is all about.
Should be a straight and fast down wind shot all the way to our destination Curacao.
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