Ar Seiz Avel is currently in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.

Attractively priced at:
$79,000.00 Euros 

For further information please contact
Paul Mulder

                  “Ar Seiz Avel” - Our History of Adventure

For over 32 year I have been fortunate enough to be the skipper/owner of this fabulous vessel.

My dream was to share my love of sailing and wild nature and to adventure around the world offering Sail and Learn voyages.

When I first bought Ar Seiz Avel she had never sailed offshore before.

It took a couple of years of boat prep and updating before we were ready to set sail toward the open sea but in the following 30 years we offered fabulous Sail and Learn voyages and eventually circumnavigating the globe.

These voyages brought us to many different oceans and remote parts of the world such as:

Haida Gwaii Canada and the inside passage, South East Alaska,
San Diego, Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji New Zealand,  Australia, Mauritius, Cape Town South Africa, Brazil, Caribbean islands,  Bermuda,  Azores, West coast of Europe, Mediterranean and the Panama Canal both to cross the Atlantic and in return to the West coast of North America. 

In total Ar Seiz Avel has logged more than 140,000 nm.

She is in top shape after recently completing our Caribbean adventures and now the time has come to pursue new and other interests in my life.

Ar Seiz Avel is ready for more sailing adventures around the globe with the next compatible skipper/owner who can appreciate her integrity
and the solid craftsmanship of her hull.

This solid and comfortable expedition vessel is very well equipped so all you need to bring is your Toolbox, Sailing gear and Provisions then she is ready to sail to the destination of your choice.

Ports of Call  1991 to 2021
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