Land in sight will be very exciting with Halifax on the horizon this harbour offers all the comforts you could ask for after a long offshore voyage!
only 1 berth left $ 3,500 us
  Curacao to Halifax
May 12 - June 09 2022 .. 2000 miles .. 29days .. $3,500  us
Now we start our offshore “Sail training” program in earnest. This is a great opportunity to work on our offshore sailing skills, safety at sea, watch keeping and other practical sailing techniques. We will also start practicing celestial navigation with the sextant to determine our Latitude.
Skirting the Gulf Stream creates variable sailing conditions.
This means that we will do plenty of sail handling and weather routing, while keeping a keen look out for traffic day and night. Enjoy the solitude in the cockpit during your “watch” being tethered safely to the boat while the rest of the crew is sleeping.
An Adventure of a "Lifetime"
Pilot Charts
Ar Seiz Avel
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Boat and Crew
Sail and Learn
This voyage will start at the Curacao Marina in Willemstad Curacao.
A day’s sail will take us to Westpunt where we plan to anchor for the night. The following day we will do our safety briefings and the “Man Overboard” drills before setting sail to the open ocean to start our offshore voyage.